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DetechDev offers both onsite and remote WordPress training services. The training curriculum can be fully customized to focus on the WordPress topics you need assistance with. Remote training is available for Windows PC and Mac users.

Become more proficient in managing all aspects of your WordPress installation, including user accounts, media, posts, pages, and SEO optimization techniques.

Need assistance creating posts and pages? DetechDev can assist you with that too! Content management services are available on a retainer basis, so DetechDev will be standing by ready to assist you with any questions, issues, or WordPress management tasks.

DetechDev’s WordPress Training Services

Managing user accounts

Managing posts and pages

Managing and optimizing media

Applying categories and tags

Backing up your WordPress content and database

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques

Installing and managing plugins

And much more!

Other Services

Theme Customizations

Get your WordPress website looking the way you want with DetechDev’s development and theme customization services.

WordPress Installations

By using DetechDev, your WordPress website will be up and running quickly on the hosting provider that you select!

Website Management

DetechDev uses secure remote management technologies to keep your WordPress installation and linux host patched and up to date. DetechDev manages your website, so you can focus on your business!

Technical Support

Problems with your WordPress site or Linux host? DetechDev will save you time and money by finding the solution fast!


Improve your website's security posture by using DetechDev's security services. DetechDev will harden your WordPress installation and linux host to minimize the chances your website will be compromised.

Training and Content

Looking for WordPress training services? DetechDev provides onsite or remote training, as well as Content management services.

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