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DetechDev was established in 2012 as an extension of Robert Thomas Technologies. I started DetechDev because I want to offer a WordPress-centric set of services to my clients. I also wanted to focus on my specialties, which are WordPress, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux web hosting, and problem resolution.

Security plays a large part in all of these technologies. Given my extensive background in the security field, it’s only natural that security and confidentiality are always in the forefront of everything I do.

Given the types of services I offer, there are no geographical limitations for my clients—you or your business can be anywhere in the world, and DetechDev will deliver results quickly and efficiently.

For additional information about my background, you can visit my other websites, or view my online résumé.

DetechDev's Services

Theme Customizations

Get your WordPress website looking the way you want with DetechDev’s development and theme customization services.

WordPress Installations

By using DetechDev, your WordPress website will be up and running quickly on the hosting provider that you select!

Site Management

DetechDev uses secure remote management technologies to keep your WordPress installation and linux host patched and up to date. DetechDev manages your website, so you can focus on your business!

Technical Support

Problems with your WordPress site or Linux host? DetechDev will save you time and money by finding the solution fast!


Improve your website's security posture by using DetechDev's security services. DetechDev will harden your WordPress installation and linux host to minimize the chances your website will be compromised.

Training and Content

Looking for WordPress training services? DetechDev provides onsite or remote training, as well as Content management services.

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